Breaking News: Facebook and Instagram Worldwide Down as Meta platforms experience worldwide outage | FB & IG Down

Facebook and Instagram Worldwide Down

Facebook and IG Worldwide Down: Meta grapples with widespread outages as IG, Facebook, Threads, and Messenger experience disruptions globally.

Downdetector, a website that tracks outages, has recorded over 3,00,000 Facebook outages and over 47,000 outage reports for IG worldwide.

Mark Zuckerberg-led Meta has not issued any statement on the problem yet.

Users in countries across the world reported outage issues that prevented them from getting online to the social media platforms.

Facebook and Instagram users said they were logged out of the platform and were not able to access their accounts again, in what appears to be a huge worldwide outage for parent company Meta.

Issues began around 3pm GMT on Tuesday afternoon and affected both the apps and the desktop platforms. (Facebook and Instagram Worldwide Down)

Over 90,000 Facebook users and 15,000 Instagram users reported issues with the platform on Down Detector within half an hour of the platform experiencing issues. (Facebook and Instagram Worldwide Down)

Users experienced issues around 8:56 pm, reporting difficulties in loading content on their feeds. Issues are being reported with the app, login, and uploading content.

According to Down Detector, issues were also reported on Meta’s other app Threads.

Meta has not yet commented on the issue, or made any statement through its accounts on other social media platforms.

WhatsApp, which is also run by the Mark Zuckerberg-founded company, appeared not to have any widespread issues, however.

Users took to X instead to share their fury after not being able to use any of the Meta platforms.

“Has Facebook just booted you out? You’re not alone,” one user said on X with a screenshot of the error message.

“I’ve spent the last hour thinking my Facebook & IG were hacked,” another said. “THE RELIEF knowing it’s f***ed up across the board?? Does anyone know what happened?? Cyber attack?”

A third said: “My anxiety thinking that my Facebook & Instagram got hacked but thank God it’s happening the same thing with everyone.”

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